The bikes

Christiania model T

The model T is used over the world as a social cargo trike for organizations riding around with elderly people enjoying outdoor experiences together.

Optional features include a canopy and weatherproof blanket, making the model T attrractive all year round.

The footrest is reclinable.

From £4675 plus VAT

Christiania model S

The model S was developed in 1994 and has been designed for the transport of wheelchair users, specifically children with special needs. By using the special hook mounted on the left side of the box, the platform can easily be converted into a ramp, where the wheelchair can be pushed up/down. The wheelchair can be secured with a strong safety belt.

Optional features include a fully enclosing hood over the passenger, making the model S attrractive all year round.

From £4029 plus VAT

Christiania model Short

The model Short is a standard cargobike with a small box. We recommend it as an alternative to a mobility scooter for people who have difficulty with their balance.

From £2683 plus VAT

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